Friday, 27 April 2012

Increasing Youth Participation in Road Safety Activities in Malawi

Northern Youth Network Malawi (NYN) and Centre for Girls and Interaction (CEGI) has been carrying out various activities on involving young people in malawi on road safety in schools and communities. Through our school outreaches we have managed to reach out to 2400 children in primary schools.

Activities Carried Out;
Awareness campaigns
Establishment of road safety school club
Road signs briefing
Life testimony of road accident victims
Child to Child information sharing

All the activities were carried on voluntary basis without any assistance only contributions from members;

In the context of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, governments around the world have been encouraged to develop national plans for the Decade, as a complement to any current national road safety strategy which may be in place. Ideally, national Decade plans should be in line with the Global Plan, although should be tailored to the specific road safety situation in the country. And as the youth in Malawi we thought it wise to start making this change in involving youth for road safety activities
Future Plans
Currently we need to raise public awareness, producing road safety brochures in our local language, establishing regions youth road safety chapters in all three regions of Malawi and training of youth advocates  
If you need more information or working with us on one of the activities planned or you have a briliant idea for us please contact us:

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